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ARTEM PIVOVAROV (live concert)

7 April 2017
ARTEM PIVOVAROV (live concert)

April 7th, Friday, Drive Club invites you to a live performance of Artyom Pivovarov- a new-wave songwriter, pop singer and sound producer.

We know Artyom as a young Ukrainian artist who started with YouTube for about five years ago. His first acoustic compositions became popular at short time, and in 2013 Artiom released his first album "Kosmos". Two years later, the second album “Ocean” was released as well. During this time Artyom recorded many tracks with such famous performers as Nerves, SunSay and Mot. He does not stand in one place, but continues to develop the concept of modern electronic music. At the same time, Artyom is working hard on creation of new hits, which we will hear for sure!

Friday, 7th of April, Artyom Pivovarov at the “Drive” club.

Entrance - FC/DC

Ladies: Free

Gentlemen: Free

Infoline : 0-69-646464 / 0-79-646464


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